Thursday, April 8, 2010

For Meal Times

Here are a few cute child/baby utensils. If you have a picky child, sometimes a cute utensil does the trick to distract from the broccoli you are shoving scooping into his mouth!

Hasn't everyone done the "airplane trick" at one point? (Or at every meal!) This fork makes it easy for your little one to imagine an airplane flying above their head and "coming in for a landing!"


Cute little dinosaur set of utensils made of organically grown bamboo. And the best part? There's no dyes or bleaches, making it safe for your little one to chew on.

Bamdino Kids Utensils (Set of 3)

These Play and Learn Baby Spoons are perfect for the baby who is just learning to eat on his own. Having a spoon on both ends gives baby twice as much chance to get it right! They also feature a lip to stop baby from pushing the spoon too far down his throat and gagging (and potentially throwing up all the broccoli that just made it down).

Play and Learn Baby Spoon

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